History of RANN

How did we get started?



The Early Years

In July 1977, a group of six women met at the home of Betty Hayes to set up the Roseville Newcomers Club. In November, the club was organized, bylaws written, and bridge groups formed. 


The club’s focus was to welcome and introduce newcomers to the area. Dues were collected, new card games added, monthly luncheons started, and a monthly newsletter was created and distributed.


Members enjoyed the club so much that they did not want to relinquish their membership when they were no longer newcomers. RANN soon became a social club that still focused on welcoming newcomers.


The Growth of RANN

In 2000 membership expanded beyond Roseville, and the club’s name was changed to Roseville Area Newcomers & Neighbors. RANN is a social club and is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization. Monthly board meetings, bylaws, job descriptions, coffees and luncheons continued. As new interests came up, more activity groups were formed to include book clubs, a genealogy group, cooking groups, breakfasts, wine and appetizers, a photography group, day trips, other game groups and sports including golf and bocce.


Members expressed interest in giving back to the community, so the club added a Community Service Chair to the board. Currently, RANN sponsors a local Placer County charity annually selected by the board. The charity receives funds raised by the committee known as RACE.


RANN 2021 and beyond

Today RANN communicates through our website and email, as we have over 400 members as of January 2024!   We still add activities as interests broaden and new members express interests in new activities. We embrace our roots and celebrate our future growth as an organization that focuses on welcoming new members while savoring the friendships of older ones.


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