This is a page designed to be a resource for ways to spend your time while staying at home.  We would like each of you that have found a way to make this situation more fun to share your ideas with us.   We would like to know if any of you have found games to play online with your friends.  If so, would you email the information to and it will be posted here for our members to use.  Perhaps you have found other ways to connect with each other.  Share your ideas with us.


Hope to hear from you soon!!!!


We have two book clubs that are meeting monthly via Zoom:  A Novel Idea and

Bookworms 2.  It has been a great success and attendance has been wonderful.


We also have some RANN bridge players playing with each other online using apps that connect them. If you are interested in joining them please contact Kay Borra.   There are a lot of game available to use.  Let me know if any one has organized such a group!!!


The Genealogy Group has moved their meetings online beginning with their June 12, meeting.  If other groups wish to use Zoom, please contact Dianne Medaris



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