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From the desks of Darlene Mooreland and Darlene Bloom:
Please continue your efforts to stay well….wear your mask, keep your distance, limit socialization and play on-line games.  AND Zoom with friends and family; have a chat, a glass of wine or eat dinner. Not the same but worth it.

Although many of the avid game players have found avenues to pursue, with the help of a few RANN ladies, we have pulled together a list of on-line games and apps that might help pass the time.
WEB SITES   (free)
Live with people.  Join a group in progress or form your own group --- invite your friends.  Works well.  It can be slow if the players in the group you joined are slow, otherwise really good.
28 games; double deck Pinochle; variety of bridge games;

Features: live opponents, game rooms, rankings, extensive stats, user profiles, contact lists, private messaging, game records, support for mobile devices.   14 day free trial period, then $5.99/month. 

We are not Mahjongg players so we have not tested this site.  It has been recommended by Darleen Giannini                  

Trickster Cards   (free)
Let the fun begin. Play the games you love with friends and family or get matched with other live players at your level. Trickster Cards offers customizable rules so you can play cards your way!  9 card games including Bridge

·         Fast-paced, competitive and fun — for free!
·         Get matched by skill to other live players
·         Invite and play with friends and family
·         Use your favorite house rules
·         Apps available across devices and stores
Kay Borra, (
Comments are from Kay:
·         I have communicated with my RANN Duplicate Bridge groups about and have developed instructions and list of interested people.  We have 28 interested.   Some have a table of 4 players and play regularly once or twice a week.  Others just want to sub and are learning.
·         When someone contacts me from the web site info about Trickstercards I have a letter, instructions and the list of players that I send.
·         BBO is an official American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) site.  I believe it cost and they hold regular tournaments (probably every day).  Players need to belong to ACBL.  Some RANN members play there and they do not need my help.  
Extreme Hand and Foot, good app.  Can be played with friends but very slow.  Ends up being a good solitaire game


Monopoly, very good, plays well with friends.  Graphics are unbelievable. Great game with the grandkids !


Mexican Train Domino Gold, good app.  Solo or 2-4 players, on the same device.  


Scrabble works nicely.  You can play multiple games at the same time with other folks or your friends or both.  It’s good to play multiple games.  There is no need to stay to play.  Your turn is always waiting for you


Words with Friends, everyone likes this one.  I haven’t played this but it looks like It is basically a Scrabble game. Available free at Apple Store and Google Play

This is a page designed to be a resource for ways to spend your time while staying at home.  We would like each of you that have found a way to make this situation more fun to share your ideas with us.   We would like to know if any of you have found games to play online with your friends.  If so, would you email the information to and it will be posted here for our members to use.  Perhaps you have found other ways to connect with each other.  Share your ideas with us.


Hope to hear from you soon!!!!


We have two book clubs that are meeting monthly via Zoom:  A Novel Idea and

Bookworms 2.  It has been a great success and attendance has been wonderful.


We also have some RANN bridge players playing with each other online using apps that connect them. If you are interested in joining them please contact Kay Borra.   There are a lot of game available to use.  Let me know if any one has organized such a group!!!


The Genealogy Group has moved their meetings online beginning with their June 12, meeting.  If other groups wish to use Zoom, please contact Dianne Medaris



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